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Kelly & Princess Mei

Hiya :), welcome to my website, i hope youre enjoying your visit :-D.

I wanted to write a little about my journey, as (i think) i have had the most amazing path which has taught me so much and given me even more. Also its the best way to describe how i have my unique and special connection with crystals, minerals and fossils.

I was diagnosed with severe Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 19. After being a sporty and outgoing person i became, overnight, fully paralysed and in a wheelchair! I found that there was no real support from the Doctors as there research was still in it's infancy. Luckily a friend of my Mom had a brother who is a top Neurologist in America who kindly sent me a large package with all the research he could provide me. This was an absolute godsend as it was from this infromation i made the decision not to take the medicine the doctors wanted me to take. Call it my intuition, but i knew, somehow that there was another way!

My Journey began :). I decided to go to my Holland and Barratt shop to have a food intolerance test as i was finding that after certain foods, my symptoms were exacerbated. The lady who was doing the testing was trained in Reiki healing. She was very informative with Reiki and i allowed her to give me some Reiki healing. Well!!!!! Improvement and ease is what i experienced instantly. It was like someone had supplied me with oxygen.

I saw the lady every time she visited the store to do her allergy tests and she would kindly, free of charge give me an hour of healing. I mentioned to her that it helped me considerably and i felt that i could benefit from having this treatment more than once a month or even learning it myself. I found myself at her home with her Reiki Master Teacher that weekend where i received my first Reiki attunement.

I continued under my Reiki Master for 6 months. Which within this time i healed myself out of my wheelchair and had became a Reiki Master Teacher myself.

I came across crystals through being a Therapist in Reiki. Where i rented a room to conduct my healings there was also a crystal shop. At first they intrigued me and my curiosity allowed me to see that crystals could make my job easier as a therapist as i could use the crystal as a communicator between my self and my client, and it also assisted me with my healing intentions, GREAT!

That is when i knew i had found my lifes purpose and my vocation. I have continued, and i am finding that my connection with all vibrational matter is improving and constantly changing.

I always strive to be the person i wish i had at the time i fell, to assist others and myself. I havent seen my wheelchair since the very first time thanks to the path i chose and i find that my diagnoses has given me more than taken away from me, as my body and health has been my own teacher.

Below are some clippings of my achievments since starting my own business. I opened my shop Kelly G'z in November 2005 and i have been working and building this site since 2006 and at last, launched online in March 2008.

I love my shop and all the items that i sell. I love to help people with my prescriptions and see the benefits they receive.

Have fun

Kelly G & Princess Mei x


Princes Trust Celebrate Success Winner 2006

The video that was played as I was announced winner of The Princes Trust Celebrate Success Awards Ceremony!!!

A very great day and must unforgettable.

Thank you Princes Trust xXx

Celebrate Kelly Griffiths Success 2006


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