Kelly's World - by Caroline


Kelly's World


Attending crystal evening in Coleshill, greeted warmly by Kelly G.  Never worked with crystals before and the evening took an interesting turn for me.  Kelly would ask us to connect with the crystals we choose - well all I can say I have never looked back.

There are always reasons for meeting people especially when you are walking the spiritual path, that was two month ago.

When the opportunity came up to work in Kelly's world I said yes without hesitation.  I am still on my spiritual journal so waking up knowing I was leaving my peace and tranquility only to find myself working in a tranquil environment this is music to my soul.  I am blessed.

Before you enter Kelly's shop you may have been asking lots of searching questions:-

Why do I feel the way that I do, withdrawn, not sure what your next move should be.  As soon as you enter you are instantly put at ease with overwhelming peace and harmony, all those feelings seem to disappear.  Playing in the background sounds of birds (CD).

Kelly's clients range from the young to the beautiful mature.  They all come in for different reasons; reading of cards, advice with crystals, buying candles and books etc.  Conversations are never dull range from emotional to knowledge regarding crystals, or just popping in for a chat.  (all conversations are confidential).  You leave feeling hopeful and energised ready for your next adventure.


All who enter Kelly's world are searching universal zone for inner peace, love and harmony within.

Go on shine your light today


9th October 2007