Information about shopping on this site


Finding products

If you are looking for a specific product, you can try searching for it using the box at the top of the page using multiple words, and if that fails, with a single keyword.

You can also filter the product display pages alphabetically, in order of age or price. This can be a good way to find what you are looking for. If you can't find what you are after or would like to request a specific product, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do :)


Adding Items to your Basket

Our American customers will know this as a 'cart', but in the UK it's called a trolley - then it gets really confusing! So anyway, this site has a shopping 'basket' which you can use to store the products you want to buy while you are browsing the site. Simply click the button which says "add to basket" for the product you desire and it'll be added to your basket. As soon as you do, you'll be taken to your basket where you can see the product you just added plus any other products in there you added before.

Click the back button in your browser to go back to the product you were just viewing, or click on the 'continue shopping' button at the bottom of the cart display to go back to the category of product you were just on (or the homepage if you added a product to your basket straight from there).

You can see the contents of your basket at any time by clicking the 'Your Basket' link in the main navigation links bar at the top of the page, or by clicking the shopping basket icon in the bar at the very top of the page, which also has a number showing how many items you currently have in your basket.

You can add quantity, decrease in quantity or remove completely, any item in your basket at any time using the buttons alongside each product in the basket display page.


Delivery & Postage

You can select the method you wish to use for delivery, but you should pay attention to the description and choose the right one for your geographical area. If you mess up and choose the wrong one, don't worry. We'll contact you by email and sort it out. We deliver worldwide and offer different options for our domestic customers. Choosing a delivery method is easy: just click the radio button for the one you want on the basket display page, prior to proceeding to checkout.


Purchasing Items 

To checkout, go to your basket and click 'Place Order & Checkout'. Your order won't be formally placed until after the next step, so you can go ahead and click 'Place Order & Checkout' at any time without fully commiting to your purchase. In the next step you enter your delivery information, but you should first make sure you've selected the correct delivery option for your location on the basket display page.

Enter your delivery information, NOT your billing information. At this stage, we're only interested in where we're delivering your products to - PayPal handles the billing. When you've entered your delivery and contact information click on 'Place Your Order' (don't worry, you can still cancel and no money has been taken yet anyway).


Paying via PayPal

Our site uses PayPal to process payments. The reason for this is that it's quick, easy and very secure and currently the most popular way to get pay and get paid online. Checking out through PayPal doesn't cost you anything extra, it's completely free, and you can use all major credit cards.

It also allows us to issue refunds or adjust postage amounts quickly and easily if the wromg postage is selected.

The page you arrive at after you click 'Place your order' confirms that your order is now in our system, and allows you to proceed to PayPal to checkout. Click 'checkout with PayPal' to do just this. If you don't process payment for your order through PayPal or contact us promptly to arrange an alternative form of payment, then we won't be able to process your order.

As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment (which if you follow the PayPal process above is usually instantaneous), we'll send you products to you straight away!


Order Confirmation

After you have completed your order, you will receive an email to confirm. If you don't receive an email within about 20 minutes, you should contact us to verify your order was accepted. We can help in any situation, but problems are extremely rare and are usually the result of junkmail filters or firewall settings on the customer's end. Whatever happens we're here to help!


Happy Shopping!