Small Red Resin Buddha

Chinese happy Buddha to protect your wealth and enhances good health.


Feng shui Lucky, Happy Buddha

This Buddha carries a money sack to protect your wealth and a calabash for good health.

This can also be used a pendent

Measurement 35 mm

  • Laughing Buddhas are symbols of great wealth, happiness and good fortune. Buddhas' belly is said to signify bountiful wealth and prosperity. By stroking it, it is believed to bring much luck and fortune.
  • The Laughing Buddhas must always be invited into their new home. By doing this, they will bring positive Chi' and much happiness into the home.
  • Always place your Buddhas in a position of honour and respect but never on the floor. They can be placed in any part of your home such as in the living room and in the office but never in the bathrooms and toilets.
  • Buddhas are particularly useful in the following sectors of your home: Family and Health (East), Mentors and Helpful Friends (Northwest) and
  • Wealth and Prosperity (Southeast)