Aura Photograph with Reading

Aura photograph and Reading for ONE person

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Aura Photography UK


Photo and Reading

for ONE person

at Kelly G'z


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Aura photograph with Kelly G will include:


  • An in-depth reading of your aura; what is going on, what is coming to you, and what affects certain thoughts and situations have upon your self.


  • See how your aura moves and interacts with crystals and other people and watch its natural flow and beat.


  • Be able to see the level of vibrational frequency each chakra is vibrating at and the chakra you are currently working through.


  • And see what colour/colours your aura is :-).


You will also leave with a photograph of your aura with a print out of the above information and with further in-depth information of what your aura means at that time, which is uniquely for you.


At point of paying please email me the dates and times you would like to book your Aura photograph and reading at