Crystal Healing Diploma

Crystal Healing Diploma Course - a fully registered and accredited course with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association)

  • Crystal Healing Diploma Course - Accredited Courses - Centre of Excellence
  • Crystal Healing Diploma Course - Accredited Courses - Centre of Excellence
  • Crystal Healing Diploma Course - Accredited Courses - Centre of Excellence
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~ Crystal Healing Diploma ~


Centre of Excellence


Registered and Accredited with the CMA


Crystal Healing Diploma

Kelly's Crystal Shop at Kelly G'z is always looking for ways to improve the service for our customers, so naturally what better way to fire up your interest in crystals than by learning more about them. So, when the online course provider Centre of Excellence approached me and asked me to look at their Crystal Healing courses, I was happy to oblige. Having read through some of them, I can wholeheartedly recommend these comprehensive accredited courses.

The Crystal Healing Diploma Course gives an in-depth explanation into how to begin using crystals, what to look for when you are choosing your crystals, the meaning of each, the various ways of healing with crystals, and how to incorporate this healing into daily life. Also, students are taught how to clear chakras, cut cords and connections, discover different aura combing skills and how to use them safely, as well as learning how to remove blockages and restore balance.

The course is very extensive with 16 modules and 5 videos, showing a crystal healer in practice. You get full support should you need it and you can study at your own pace. The course is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association).

This course also carries 150 CPD points which work towards your Continued Professional Development.


Payment for the course is made via the link below, through the Centre of Excellence


At the moment, the course is reduced to £127, which I think is a fantastic offer for this comprehensive course. Have a look here


If you do decide to buy this course, the Centre of Excellence are offering the audio version for FREEJust add the audio course to your basket at checkout and enter the code KCSFREE - this will reduce the audio to zero.


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If you have any questions about the Centre of Excellence and any of the courses please do ask.