Ethiopian Opal Pendant

A natural piece and a carved half sphere piece of Ethiopian Opal, set in 925 hallmarked Sterling Silver.

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~ Ethiopian Opal Pendant ~


Crystal and Sterling Silver Jewellery


(925 Hallmarked Sterling Silver)


Attributes: This beautiful high vibration stone is a crystal of infinite expansion that burns off the karma of the past and opens the way to rebirth. Carrying extremely high vibrations and ancient wisdom, Ethiopian Opal stimulates all metaphysical gifts. It carries a soul holograph giving access to past, present and future and offering protection while journeying through multi-dimensions or within your Self.

A stone of great insight, Ethiopian Opal is a vehicle for the fire and earth elementals, bringing about purification through an inner 'fire walk' and grounding the transmutation into the physical body. As such it helps you to face your deepest fears and transform them into your greatest gifts. The stone co-operates with your soul to engineer situations that release and de-energize deep layers of repressed emotions, fear and trauma, opening the way for new patterns to be laid down.

Ethiopian Opal exfoliates the soul, gently unpeeling encrusted layers so that new growth occurs. Programme it to bring about the changes you need to make - holding the Opal facilitates your Higher Self communicating exactly what these are and how best they can be brought about. Mediatating with it reveals the past life causes ofsituations, facilitating healing these by moving to a higher soul perspective in the inter-life.

Ethiopian Opal carries positive dragon energy: personal and planetary. It unites, cleanses ans activates the base and sacral chakras to stimulate your creativity and unites them with the dynamic unconditional love of the higher heart chakra and the refined mental capacities of the alta major chakra, so that you manifest your highest will on earth. Placed at the base and top of the spine it ignites kundalini power and, on the base of the skull, opens the alta major chakra. Placed midway up the skull, it assists in transmuting anger into joyful, active will and a desire for inner and outer peace. Placed on power points on the earth it assists environmental cleansing and regeneration, stimulating fertility and realignment of the earth's meridians and creating a shield against negative vibration.

Ethiopian Opal has been shown to assist weight loss by addressing the underlying psychological causes, particularly where these relate to feelings of vulnerability or deep rage. It brings all the subtle bodies into equilibrium, releasing blockages and imprints, so that the whole body functions harmoniously inducing well-being. However, being a fiery stone, it has been found that the healing virtue of Ethiopian Opal is rapidly discharged, especially during traumatic healing or when making a gem essence, and the stone may need considerable recharging before working again. Cleanse depleted stones thoroughly after use: rest them and place in the sun on Quartz for a long period to recharge.

Working with this stone regularly helps to enhance your energetic sensitivity and awareness so that you become more attuned to crystal, personal, earth and planetary energies. You may need to use a shielding stone such as Healer's Gold that facilitates working at interface if the sensations become too acute.

Healing: Ethiopian Opal works best at the subtle or psychsomatic level of healing. It purifies and strengthens the biomagnetic field and the emotional body, and brings the etheric blueprint into balance so that changes manifest in the physical body. It may assist with skin conditions, especially those with a psychosomatic base.¹

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Measurements: 12mm x 30mm x 8mm