Galaxite Pendant

A cut and polished Galaxite pendant, set in 925 Sterling Silver

  • Galaxite Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver - Cut Crystal - Set Crystal - Crystals For Healing
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Crystal Jewellery


~ Galaxite Pendant ~

(also know as Galaxyite)


Crystal and Sterling Silver Jewellery


(925 Hallmarked Sterling Silver)


Minerology: Micro-Ladradorite in Feldspar

Properties: Also known as Galaxyite, this stone's has high vibrations connect to the entire cosmos and the immensity of creation. It assists studying astrology or astronomy, journeying with this stone takes you to the far reaches of our universe. Provides auric protection during metaphysical work, keeping you grounded. Galaxite helps take an overview of spiritual development, attuning you to the soul's purpose.

Healing: Galaxite may assist brain or metabolic disorders and eyes. It reputedly helps digestion, colds, rheumatism and gout and dispels anxiety and stress-related dis-ease*.¹

1. Hall, Judy. 2013: The Crystal Bible 3. (A Goldsfield Book, London.)