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A carved Scolecite crystal massage wand

  • Scolecite - Carved Massage Wand - Healing Crystal - Polished Gemstone - Crystals For Healing
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~ Scolecite ~


Carved Wand


Wands are the traditional healing tool of shamans, healers, and metaphysicians. The magic wands of myth and legend, they are believed to have been used by the highly evolved crystal healers of Atlantis, and many practitioners today believe that wands from those far off times are surfacing once again, complete with their powerful programming.

The healing ability of wands is vastly expanded when programmed with intent. 

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Attributes: Scolecite is a gentle high vibration stone that promotes inner peace and opens all the heart chakras, especially the heart seed, connecting it to the third eye and soma chakra. Similar to Natrolite Scolecite has a slightly earthier vibration. It is appropriate for people new to high vibration crystals or with a particularly sensitive energy field. The inner light carried by Scolecite infuses peace into the core of your being, connecting you to the highest energies in the universe and multi-dimensional realms. An excellent journeying crystal, this serene stone assists with lucid dreaming and dream recall. Meditate with it ti reach the deeper meaning of significant dreams or connect to higher guidance or benign extraterrestials and star beings. 

Place Scolecite on the chakras along the back and Natrolite on the front to accommodate a download of high vibrational energies or to realign the physical body with the lightbody. Wearing Scolecite ensures a healthy auric field and heals holes, spilts or fragmentation where negative engeries or entities could attach. Scolecite assists restructuring thought patterns and shaping everyday reality into a positive outcome. It hooks out the last remnants of detrimental patterns or beliefs, clearing the etheric blueprint and the mental body. Scolecite is extremely calming, encouraging unselfish love of one's self and inner contentment. It dissolves anxiety and fear, instilling a quiet confidence that faces life with equanimity.

Grid Scolecite to create an area ot total peace. It calms disturbed energies and creates a safe, sacred space in which to live, work and have your being . This crystal harmonizies the energies between lovers and loved ones and helps those whoes heart has been turned to stone to gently release the traumas of the apst and love again. Physically Scolecite resonates with the nerves and neural pathways, bringing the body back into equalibrium and encouraging control of autonomous processes.

Healing: Anecdotal evidence suggests that Scolecite is effective for MS and neurological rebalancing, and for realigning the spinal column and associated nerves. It further suggests an anti-seizure effect and that it may help benign tumours of the brain. The calcium component energetically stregthens bones. Scolecite is used for intestinal conditions including parasites, and IBS, and supports the circulatory system and lungs.¹

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Vibrates to the number: 1

Astrological Sign of: Capricorn

Measurements: Length 86mm