Amethyst, Rose

Nurturing, creativity, acceptance of the divine feminine are all accessible and realised with Rose Amethyst.

  • Rose Amethyst - Natural Healing Crystal - Semi-precious Gemstone - Mineral - Crystals For Healing
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Rose Amethyst


~ Natural Healing Crystal ~


Semi-Precious Gemstone


Mineralogy: Pink Amethyst Crystal Quartz

Attributes: Strong female stone at assisting balancing the emotions around PMS & PMDD symptoms which it helps lessen and alleviate. Hot flushes, temperature rise and abdominal swelling are relieved when yogi breath is used in conjunction with rosé amethyst. Nurturing, creativity, and acceptance of the divine feminine are all accessible and realised with Rose Amethyst. Our true creative self is activated, opened and blossoms with abundance.

A fantastic sacral chakra stone bringing with it the qualities of amethyst into the vibrational frequency of the sacral rather than the more spiritual crown chakra purple amethyst.


A stone of pure innocence and truth, Rose Amethyst dissipates all illusion and drama to see the true intention, motive and cause of dis-ease. Helps to lift the fog of dense and illusions which can veil the truth of a situation.


Rose Amethyst frees you from being a slave to your humanness and therefore supports full soul incarnation in the physical and a great aid during the ascension process.



A must for emotional body ailment and soul integration. Emotional body ascension symptoms which mimic PMS/PMDD.


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Measurements: 30mm x 54mm x 30mm