Opal, Black

A tumbled piece of Black Opal ~ RARE

  • Black Opal  - Tumble Stone - Healing Crystal - Polished Gemstone - Crystals For Healing
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~ Black Opal ~


Tumble Stone - Healing Crystal


Polished Gemstone


Mineralogy: Black Opal

Attributes: Black Opal is an excellent grounding stone which provides grounding and concurrently stimulates activity.

Black Opal can be used for "gazing", providing insights into matters of the past, present and future, and facilitating prescience and visions from the energy centre of the third-eye.

The presence of "fire", produced by the diffraction of light from the tiny quartz spheroids which are contained within the stone, is a catalyst for the inner knowing, inner seeing, and inner reconciliation of the information.

Black Opal can be used in "reading eyes", providing insight to, and information concerning, the truthfulness and development of the person of concern

Healing: Opal strengthens the will to live. It treats Parkinson's disease, infections, and fevers and strengthens memory. Purifying the blood and kidneys, Opal regulates insulin, eases childbirth, and alleviates PMS (use dark colors). This stone is beneficial to the eyes, especially as an elixir.

Black Opal can be used in the treatment of disorders related to reproduction, depression, and the digestive system. It can also be used in the treatment of dysfunctional eyesight.

Vibrates to the number: 1

Astrological sign of: Scorpio & Sagittarius