Quartz, Ouro Verde

Also known as Lemon Quartz



~ Ouro Verde Quartz ~


Tumble Stone - Healing Crystal


"Also called Lemon Quartz"


Mineralogy:  Yellow-Green Crystal Quartz

Attributes: With strong energy that never requires cleansing or recharging , Ouro Verde Quartz gives powerful protection. Spiritually, by showing you the deeper meaning of life, this stone facilitates the viewing of potential future events with wisdom from the past, which leads to more constructive choices. Psychologically, it strengthens the character and assists in manifesting your full potential. Ouro Verde detects psychological, environmental and emotional triggers for illness.

Healing: Assists the healing of tumours, herpes and allergies; beneficial for peripheral circulation, Raynaud's disease, anaphylactic shock; protects against radioactivity and radon gas. If you have an adverse reaction replace with natural Smoky Quartz.