Calcite, Blue

Blue Calcite aids clear communication. Spiritually Calcite speeds up development and growth, a powerful amplifier and cleanser. Great for removing anxieties.



~ Blue Calcite ~


Tumble Stone - Healing Crystal


Polished Gemstone


Mineralogy: Blue calcium carbonate

Attributes: Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Simply having Calcite in the room cleans negative energies from the environment and heightens your energy. Within the body, it removes stagnant energy. The spectrum of colors cleans the physical  and subtle bodies. Calcite is an active crystal, speeding up development and growth. This ia a spiritual stone linked to the nigher consciousness that facilitates the opening of higher awareness and psychic abilities, channeling, and out-of-body experiences. It accelerates spiritual development and allows the soul to remember experiences when it returns to the body.

Psychologically, Calcite connects the emotions with the intellect, creating emotional intelligence. Calcite has a positive effect, especially where someone has lost hope or motivation. It combats laziness, aiding in becoming more energetic on all levels.

Mentally, Calcite calms the mind, teaches discernment and analysis stimulates insights, and boosts memory. It facilitates knowing which information is important, and then retaining it. Calcite confers the ability to change ideas into action. It is a useful stone for study.

Calcite alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity. It is a stabilizing stone, enhancing trust in oneself and strengthening the ability to overcome setbacks. On a subtle level, a layout of the appropriate colors of Calcite cleanses, balances, and energizes all the chakras*.

Healing: A very gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation. Lowers blood pressure and dissolves pain on all levels. Very soothing to the nerves. Releases negative emotions to allow anxieties to be lifted.

Extra properties for Blue Calcite: Blue Calcite is a gentle stone for recuperation and relaxation. It lowers blood pressure and dissolves pain on all levels. Gently soothing the nerves and lifting anxieties, it releases negative emotions. Used on the throat chakra* it aids clear communication, especially where there is dissent. Blue Calcite can absorb energy, filter it, and return it to benefit the sender.

Vibrates to the number: 8

Astrological sign of: Cancer