Agate, Fire

A great support through difficult times, has a strong calming energy bringing the holder deep security and safety. Reduces hot flushes and prevent energy burn-out.

  • Fire Agate - Natural Crystal - Healing Crystal - Polished Gemstone - Crystals For Healing
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Natural Crystals


~ Fire Agate ~


Natural Healing Crystal - Mineral


Mineralogy: Agate with iridescent iron oxides

Attributes: Fire Agate has a strong protective function, especially against ill-wishing. Building a protective shields around the body, it returns harm back to its source so that the source understands the harm its doing. Physically, Fire Agate, as its name suggests, links to the fire element and aids sexual endeavors, fires up the base chakra* and stimulates vitality on all levels. Psychologically, Fire Agate dispels fear instills deep security. Holding a Fire Agate encourages introspection, effortless bringing up inner problems for resolution. It helps to eliminate cravings and destructive desires  and can be useful in treating addictions. Spiritually, this protective stone aids relaxation so that the body "mellows out" enhancing meditation. Said to represent absolute perfection, it instills spiritual fortitude and aids the evolution of consciousness.

Healing: Heals the stomach, nervous & endocrine systems and circulatory disorders. Aids eyes, strengthening night vision and clearing vision at the inner, intuitive levels as well as the outer physical levels. Instinctively resonates with the triple-burner meridian allowing you bring your back into balance. The master stone to help reduce hot flushes!!!

Vibrates to the number: 9

Astrological sign of: Aries

Measurements: 35mm x 28mm x 11mm