Skull ~ Merlinite

A Merlinite Crystal Skull

  • Merlinite - Dendritic Opal - Crystal Skull - Crystals for Healing
  • Merlinite - Dendritic Opal - Crystal Skull - Crystals for Healing
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Carved Crystal


~ Merlinite ~


Crystal Skull


Measurements: 47mm x 33mm x 33mm


Attributes: Merlinite is another name for Dendritic Opal. It is a magical stone that holds the imprint of the combined knowledge of shamans, alchemists, magician-priests, and other workers of magic. Its dual colouring blends the spiritual and earthly vibrations together, giving access to the spiritual and shamanic realms. This stone supports shamanic practices or magical ritual. It facilitates reading the Akashic Record, inducing travel into past or future lives to gain insights on how to live life in the future. Merlinite can bring magic into your life.

Healing: Merlinite can be used for past-life healing and to bring harmony into the present life. It balances yin-yang and masculine and feminine energies, conscious and subconscious, intellect and intuition.


NOTE: Beryllium is toxic; use this stone in polished form and if preparing a gem essence use the indirect method.