Boulder Opal Twins

Hand Carved and Polished Boulder Opal Twins

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~ Boulder Opal Twins ~ 


Carved Ammonite


Measurements: 72mm x 50mm x 40mm



Attributes: Boulder Opal is found in the colour brown, sometimes with "fire" and sometimes without "fire". It occurs within rounded or ellipsoidal-shaped boulders, like nodules or concretions which consist of silicious ironstone. Boulders vary considerably in size, averaging about 30cm in the largest dimension. These boulders have been formed in the Earth via a slow chemical process, usually accompanied by an increase in the iron oxide content. This results in many boulders displaying some form of growth rings, similar to those developed in trees. Through geological time, after their formation, many of these boulders have been partially dehydrated, resulting in irregular shrinkage cracks forming within the ironstone. In the rare favorable conditions, silica solutions enetr and solidify within these cracks, and in some instances, this material becomes gem opal. The boulders are formed under geological favorable conditions in stratigraphic sandstone/clay traps and appear erratically within levels, usually in sandstone beds and located just above the clay level. The boulder gem opal occurs with intense colour of reds, blues, greens, purple, and milky.

Many fine pieces of boulder opal do not have a full face of opal, but have bright gem material randomly intermixed with the ironstone. When professionally polished, the blending of the two materials provides an artistically attractive product with each stone having its own distict individuality.

It provides a connection to the stars, facilitating communication between the Earth plane and the "Star People" of this world and other worlds. It provides for a grounding action while enhancing the transfer of information.

It can also clear the "muddy" areas from ones aura, stimulating the healing of those areas which were not clear and assisting one in communication between the conscious and sub-concious thought systems. This further enhances the properties of healing and initiates the healing state on all levels.

It assists in "sweeping the cobwebs" from ones mind, enhancing mental clarity, emotional security, physical well-being, and spiritual progession toward the perfect state.¹

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Vibrates to the number: 4 (without fire) and 6 (with fire)

Astrological sign of: Scorpio