Cobalto-Calcite and Copper

And Hand Carved and Polished Cobalto-Calcite and Copper Freeform

  • Cobaltite and Copper - Cobalto-Calcite - Freeform - Healing Crystal - Polished Gemstone - Crystals For Healing
  • Cobaltite and Copper - Cobalto-Calcite - Freeform - Healing Crystal - Polished Gemstone - Crystals For Healing
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~ Cobalto-Calcite with Copper ~ 


Hand Polished Freeform


Measurements: 62mm x 47mm x 9mm



Attributes: Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy that speeds up development and facilitates opening higher awareness and promotes emotional intelligence. Although in the past it was connected to goblins, crystal healers view Cobalto-Calcite as symbolizing unconditional love and forgiveness.

This stone is excellent ofr emotional healing, as it soothes intense feelings, assisting you to love yourself and others, and to feel good about your life.

This crystal hamonizes intellect and emotion and transfers idea into action. Cobalto-Calcite is a stone of self-discovery, connecting the heart with the mind. It facilitates finding your innate talents and life purpose. 

It is extremely supportive for those who carry the pain for other people or the planet, and for those who have given up hope.

Healing: Cobalto-Calcite is useful for emotional maturation, nurturing, scars, a broken heart, lonliness, and grief.


Attributes: This mineral can combat lethargy, passivity, restlessness, excitability, and non-acceptance of oneself. It can stimulate initiative, optimism, diplomacy and independence. It conveys the message that there is no need to seek love or to constantly search for life, and that there definitely is a need to seek and release all of the restrictions which one has installed within the self. It emits a philosophic energy, free of orthodoxy and bias. It is excellent for use in policy-making and policing, providing insight into avenues for right-attainment in all areas.

Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and to transmit thought. It is said to be a "bestower" of "good", bringing benefit to the user. It is also rported to bring "luck" to persons, epecially in the recovery of property.
Copper activates and opens the base and sacral chakras, advancing and stabilising the energiesof intuition, sexuality, desire and vitality - directing these energies toward the pursuit of ones path of evolution. It allows one to recognise the barriers which are in the path of ones development.
It can conduct electrical impulses and can magnify the energy transfer, from the healer or the mineral, to the subject of the healing. Used with brass and iron, it can balance the energies of the body and can maintain stability and wellness within the chemistry of the blood and cellular structures.
Healing: Copper can be used to stabilise and balance the flow of blood within the body; helping to increase circulatory functions where necessary. It can be used to cleanse wounds and to fight bacterial infection. It has also been used in the treatment of artritis, bursitis, and rheumatism, and to stimulate the metabolic processes.
Vibrates to the number: 1
Astrological sign of: Taurus and Sagittarius