Green Man, Shattuckite

A carved image of the Green Man in Shattuckite

  • Green Man - Shattuckite - Carved Crystal - Healing Crystal - Polished Gemstone - Crystals For Healing
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~ Shattuckite  ~


Carved Green Man


Measurements: Diameter 55mm


Mineralogy: Copper silicate hydroxide.

Attributes: Shattuckite is a highly spiritual stone that heightens vibration. It stimulates the third eye and the throat chakra, bringing them into harmony and alignment. It brings clear psychic vision and aids understanding and communicating what is seen. Particularly useful in cases where past-life experience has closed down metaphysical abilities, Shattuckite removes hypnotic commands and edicts against using psychic vision. It can clear past-life curses and commands to secrecy.

Shattuckite is helpful during channeling, as it is strongly protective, ensuring that the entity does not take over the physical body. It reaches a high vibration, ensuring that the purest source is contacted. It can be used to develop psychic abilities such as automatic writing and telepathy and to facilitate clear communication with extraterrestrials.

Healing: Shattuckite is beneficial for all minor health complaints, bringing the body gently back into balance. The elixir is useful as a general tonic, expecially in the spring. The stone treats tonsilitis, increases the clotting properties of blood, and clears blockages from intercellular structures.

Vibrates to the number: 2

Astrological Sign of: Aquarius & Sagittarius