Angel, Opalite

Peace bringing carved Opalite angel. Price shown is for one angel. Purchased items may differ from those shown.

  • Opalite Angel - Carved Crystal - Semi Precious Gemstone - Pocket Angle - Crystals For Healing
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~ Opalite ~


Carved Crystal Angel


Angels represent guidance, protection, love and compassion.

They are full of love and compassion, and come to you to watch over you in times of need.


Measurements: 50mm x 30mm x 17mm



Opalite is a delicate clear milky iridescent stone, which when placed on the Crown Chakra in meditation is said to enhance psychic abilities and omduce visions.

In healing Opalite is belived to stabilize mood swings and purify the blood and kidneys.

Physically, Opalite boosts the sex drive and can enhance sexual experience, and is an all-round healing stone. Opalite is associated primarily with the third eye chakra.

Vibrates to the number: 8

Astrological Sign of: Cancer, Libra, Pices & Scorpio