Angel, Soapstone

A peace bringing carved Soapstone angel.



~ Soapstone ~


(also known as Steatite or Soap Rock)


Carved Crystal Angel


Angels represent guidance, protection, love and compassion.

They are full of love and compassion, and come to you to watch over you in times of need.


Measurements: 55mm x 37mm x 25mm


Mineralogy: Steatite

Attributes: Also known as Steatite, Soapstone is a talc-schist., which is a type of metamorphic rock. It is largely composed of the mineral talc and is thus rich in magnesium.

This mineral provides for both movement and widening of ones horizons. It is used when undergoing great changes in one’s life and helps to prepare you for anything! It is thought to allow your ideas and inspirations to broaden, open and develop. It can be used to stabilize atmospheric electricity, eliminating interference and amplifying the sending and receiving of messages; the messages being both from this place and the outer areas.

It emits a calming energy, both stimulating one to action and providing inner peace at the centre of the being. It allows one to release old routines, and create new loving environments.

Soapstone cn be used to assits one in both understanding and applying the rational processes of the intellect, and in remaining open to "new" ways of expressing gratitude.

Healing: Soapstone may be used in the treatment of fat digestion, to stimulate the liver and gall bladder toward optimal conditions.  As an elixir , it can be used to aid to birth control.¹

1. Melody, 1995: Love is in the Earth - A Kaleidoscope of Crystals. (Earth-Love Publishing House, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. USA)

Vibrates to the number: 7 and 9


Astrological Sign of: Saggitarius