The Rider Waite Deck

The original and only authorized Waite Tarot Deck. Conceived by Arthur Edward Waite. Deck of 78 cards with instruction booklet. Cards designed by Pamela Colmen Smith

  • The Rider Tarot Deck - Pamela Colman Smith, Arthur Edward Waite - 78 Card Waite Deck - 22 Major Arcana 56 Lesser Arcana - Instru
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~ The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck ~


"The original and only authorised edition of the famous 78-card Tarot Deck designed by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite."




Reissued in collaboration with Miss Sybil Waite and Rider & Company, London.


This tarot card deck contains:

22 Major Acana Cards

56 Lesser Acana Cards

and comes complete with an instruction booklet


By: Arthur Edward Waite

Foreword: by Stuart R. Kaplan