Chants of Love & Light

A combination of beautiful music and voices, which enhances healing

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Relaxation Music 


~ Chants of Love & Light ~


World Chanting


By: Orenda Blu


Following the hugely popular Sacred Chants album comes Chants of Love & Light by Orenda Blu. This special album connects the listener to the healing and energizing presence of the Ancients through world chanting.

The combination of beautiful music and voices enhances healing by moving energy and balancing the listener. It is ideal for visualisation, meditation, practicing yoga and relaxation.


Track Listing:

1. He Moe Uhane

2. Sun Song

3. Nam Myoho

4. All I Ask of You

5. Cherokee Water Blessing

6. Aroha

7. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

8. I am Light