Angel's Healing

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Relaxation Music 


~ Angel's Healing ~


By: Various


With this beautiful album you will be able to relax - giving your mind time to rest, giving you body time to rest and, therefore time to heal. Raphael is known as the Angel of Healing, his name translated means "God Heals", he is full of compassion for people struggling physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. 

Associated Colour: Green

Make a little time for yourself and let this album take you on a aural journey to rest your body and mind and invite your angels to help you on the road to healng from within. All tracks specifically chosen to make you feel mentally rested and able to let healing commence at a pace suitable for you, so make a little time for yourself and enjoy this album and the relaxation it offers.


Track Listing:

1. Spirits of Your Mind (Music for Inner Calm) 5:31

2. Oceans of Your Soul (Pure Serenity) 8:00

3. Pure Serenity (Pure Serenity) 3:15

4. The Warmth of Peace (Music for Inner Peace) 12:03

5. Guided to Tranquility (Music for Inner Peace) 5:50

6. Healing Hands (Pure Serenity) 10:34

7. Pure Relaxation (Pure Massage Music) 11:08

8. Time to Unwind (Pure Massage Music) 6:09

9. Rested & Uplifted (Pure Massage Music) 4:22

Approximate Running Time - 66:57