Pure Relaxation

The Ultimate Chill Out Album - a collection of music that will deliver you to relaxation

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Relaxation Music 


~ Pure Relaxation ~


the ultimate chill out album


By: Medwyn Goodall


Pure Relaxation is a compliation of relaxing, calming, soothing, uplifting and haunting tracks, specially chosen and put together in such a way as to take the listener on a journey to relaxation and slowly back again.

Each track has a depth of quality that will envoke positive feelings, be it a calming influence, a soothing tone or simply comforting. You can put this CD in your stereo, sit or lay down for an hour and just let the music work its charm.


Track Listing:

1. Transformation (Equanimity) 27:11

2. Sleep Softly (Dreamcatcher) 7:09

3. Dream on until Tomorrow (Heaven's Breath) 7:56

4. Where Time Stands Still (Celtic Visions) 3:06

5. Morning Dew (Autumn) 4:20

6. Many Shades of Gold (Autumn) 5:38

7. The Mist of the Hills (Winter) 4:01