Spirits of the Mermaids

Relaxing Celtic music and songs.

  • Spirits of the Mermaids - Music for Relaxation - CD - Mo Coulson - Chris Conway
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Relaxation Music 


~ Spirits of the Mermaids ~


By: Mo Coulson & Chris Conway


Relaxing Celtic music and songs featuring a host of instrments such as Celtic Harp, Irish Whistles, Zither and Flute and Mo Coulson's beautiful voice, plus guest players from the Govannen and Red Herrings groups.

Follow the story of Melusina, a mermaid who is torn between her life with a man she loves and the pull of her her old life in the seas.

Track Listing:

1. Towards the Shore

2. Mermaids Join the Dance

3. Ophelia

4. Lure of the Siren

5. Melusina

6. Storms and Sea

7. Longing for the Sea

8. Underwater Dreams

9. Don't Make a Sound

10. Mermaid's Wedding Dance

11. The Water Kelpie

12. Lady in the Moon

13. Return to the Sea