Inspirational Journeys

The Guided Meditation Series Volume Two The Crystal Meditations

  • Inspirational Journeys - Guided Meditation - CD - Simon Cunliffe
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Relaxation Music / Guided Meditation


~ Inspirational Journeys ~


Music by: Simon Cunliffe

Narrated by: Tony Davies

Original Medtiations written by: Linda Beattie


CD 1 - The Meditations:

On this CD are two guided meditations (The Crystal Cave Meditation and The Crystal Woodland Meditation) which will take you on inspiring journeys where you will be washed with the healing energies of an abundance of crystals all glowing in their wonderful colours.

CD 2 - The Music:

This CD contains over 60 minutes of blissfully relaxing music that accompanies the meditations on CD 1 allowing you to either revisit and experience the guided meditations on your own or for you to use during your own meditations.


Approx Running Time:  

CD1 - The Meditations - 62:52

CD2 - The Music - 63:32