Celtic Earth

A powerful rhythmic instrumental album.

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Relaxation Music 


~ Celtic Earth ~


By: Govannen


Govannen present a follow-up to their award winning Celtic Fire album with another powerful rhythmic instrumental album of Celtic music. Fiddle, Irish whistles, bodhran and a raft of exotic instruments play jigs and reels with global influences and new music evoking the Celtic tribes travelling to their homelands and then across the Earth.


Track Listing:

1. Celtic Tribal Gathering

2. The Knotted Chord / Corney is Coming

3. Celtic Earth

4. Wiccan Chicken Goat

5. Renewal

6. The Rocks of Bawn / The Lifting Banshee

7. The Braes of Moneymore

8. The New World

9. The Foggy Dew / Hurry Scurry 

10. King of the Fairies

11. Blarney Pilgrim / Merrily Kissed the Quaker

12. Farewell / Celtic Tribes Disperse


Approx Running Time:  56.20