Magical Harp

Sounds of an enchanted garden.

Relaxation Music


~ Magical Harp ~


By: Lewellyn feat. Katherine Arney


The sounds of an enchanted garden.

"Butterflies dance in dappled sunligth above dew sparkled petals of softest hues in a magical secret garden."

You will not be disappointed with Llewellyn's performance and, being accompanied by the creative and talented Katherine Arney (on harp), this album is an absolute aural treat. Bring back childhood memories of warm summer days, playing carefree in a colourful, peaceful garden, sounds of joy and innocence all around. This album will leave you glowing with happiness and peace.

Track Listing:  

1. Barcarolle (Granjany/arr.Arney)


2. Ice Caverns (Llewellyn/arr.Arney)

3. Greensleeves (Trad./arr.Arney)


4. Reverie (Granjany)

5. A River Love Song (Llewellyn/Arney)

6. Jesu Joy Man's Desiring (Bach)

7. Barcarolle (reprise) (Grandjany/arr.Arney)

8. Canon (Parchelbel/arr.Arney/Llewellyn)

9. A Secret Love (Llewellyn/Arney)

10. Cradle Song (Schumann/arr.Arney)


11. Dawn (Llewellyn/Arney)


12. La Paloma (Yradier)


13. Set Me Free (Arney)