Music for The Dolphin Experience

The ultimate for visualisation, meditation, relaxation, massage or healing. Experience the energy of dolphins.

Relaxation Music


~ Music for The Dolphin Experience ~


By: Medwyn Goodall


The ultimate for visualization, meditation, relaxation, massage or healing, experience the energy of dolphins.  New techniques in sound create an ever flowing fantasy, a dream like, other worldly ambience.

Music, like liquid sound, blends with the genuine sound of dolphins calling and playing in their natural habitat. A soft ocean smoothly laps around you.  Close your eyes and you are transported to a natural energy that will bathe your soul.

The end of track 2 fades into pure dolphin and ocean sounds for the last six minutes, to allow you to emerge refreshed and revitalized.


Track Listing:

1. Dolphin Energy

2. Sanctuary


Approx Running Time:  49:47