Conversations with God

An Uncommon Dialogue. By Neale Donald Walsch.



~ Conversations with God ~


"For those with an open mind,

and a sincere desire for the truth"


Suppose you could ask God the most puzzling questions about existence - questions about love and faith, life and death, good and evil.

Suppose God provided clear, understandable answers. It happened to Neale Donald Walsch.

It could happen to you.

Walsch was experiencing a low point in his life when he decided to write a letter to God, venting his frustrations. What he did not expect was a response. As he finished his letter, he was moved to continue writing - and out came these extraordinary answers to his questions.

They will amaze you with complex paradoxes that make perfect sense, profound logic, and astounding truths. Here are answers that bring together as one the deeper meaning of all beliefs and traditions. Here are the answers that will change you, your life, and the way you view other beings.


By: Neale Donald Walsch

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd: 1997