Stressbusting Book

The Stressbusting Book of Yoga, Massage and Aromatherapy, a step-by-step guide to spiritual and physical well-being. By Carole McGilvery et al.



~ The Stressbusting Book

of Yoga, Massage & Aromatherapy~


"A step-by-step guide to spiritual & physical well-being"



Introduces a specially devised ten-week course for the beginner and beyond

Stretching excercises to increase suppleness and general fitness

Techniques to combat everyday stresses and tensions, and enance mental well-being


Classic massage techniques clearly explained

Includes self massage, baby massage, massage for sports and sensual massage

Techniques for toning the body and soothing aching muscles and joints


Comprehensive guide to essential oils and how to use them

Fragrances to uplift the body and spirits

How to alleviate common ailments

Introduces natural ways to relaxation, beauty and haircare

Also features Shiatsu and Reflexology


By: Carole McGilvery et al

Hermes House an imprint Anness Publishing Ltd: 2004