Pukka Lemongrass & Ginger

20 Organic Tea Bags

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~ Lemongrass & Ginger ~




"An uplifting organic lemony zing with a flying finish"


Good News

For uplifting and refreshing your day


Defy all the laws and fly

Flying, they say, you can't do without wing. Or can you? A zesty swirl of the finest lemongrass, the spicy lift of ginger - steep them together...and suddenly it's 'goodbye physics' and 'hello blue sky'. One sip and you're ready to soar. Take to the sky.


Naturally caffeine-free. 100% Organically grown and ethically sourced.


Ingredients: Lemongrass (48%), ginger root (28%),  licorice root, lemon verbena leaf, lemongrass essential oil flavour (4%).



20 enveloped bags.