Yogi White Tea with Aloe Vera

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~ Women's Tea ~


Yogi Tea


Basil, Daisy and Turmeric


Our skin is the mirror of our soul. This unique YOGI TEA™ blend combines d white tea with aloe vera, mildly spicy turmeric and fragrant common diasy. Warming cinnamon gives this tea composition a fine, slightly sweet taste. So lean back and care for your soul while enjoying a cup of YOGI TEA™ White Tea with Aloe Vera.

The Wisdom of Ayurveda

Through the Doshas Vata, Pita and Kapha the elements manifest in a unique combination in every being. To maintain or restore that individual balance in one's life is the foundation of Ayurveda.


Ingredients: Basil* (21%), White Tea* (19%), Lemon Verbena*, Liquorice*, Daisy* (8%), Jasmine Green Tea* (Green Tea*, Jasmine Flowers*), Cinnamon*, Rosemary*, Sage*, Turmeric Root* (3%), Fennel*, Cocoa Shells*, Marshmallow Root*, Scisandra Berries*, 200 times concentrated Aloe Vera gel*(0.3%)


* Certified Organic

17 enveloped bags.