Yogi Choco

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Yogi Tea



Choco ~ Aztec Spice



Organic Ayurvedic Spice Infusion



Exotic spices from the Far East blended with pure cocoa shells from South America, give this tea a deliciously unique taste and aroma.


The wonderful flavours of ginger and cinnamon delicately mingle with the unmistakable essence of cocoa; warming body and spirit.


Yogi Tea was first served in 1969 and began with the purpose to build a conscious relationship with oneself and the goodness within and by that became part of a new world renaissance, where cultures opened up to exchange and share wisdoms to support the new rhythm of life.



A delightful festive tea that will inspire feelings of joy with each cup.


Ingredients: Cocoa Shells* (65%), Liquorice*, Cinnamon* (11%), Carob*, Barley Malt*, Cardamom*, Ginger*, Cloves*, Cinnamon Extract (Natural Flavour), Vanilla Extract*, Black Pepper*, Ginger Oil*, Vanilla Beans*.


* Certified Organic


Contains Liquorice!


17 enveloped bags.