Pukka Original Chai

20 Organic Tea Bags

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~ Orginal Chai ~




"A royal flush of organic cinnamon and ginger."



Take the Journey of a Thousand Rajahs.

Chai - be in awe, for this exotic blend once danced on the lips of Indian royalty. Today, it thrills beyond palaces. This is a fairly-traded bounty of gingery warmth, cinnamon glow, cardamom zing and a black tea lift dappled with licorice. It's magical India in a cup. Enjoy your exotic journey.


This delicious original chai with black tea and warming herbs, contains a mix of five organic and three Fairtrade certified herbs sourced from small independent farmers around the world. Each is renowned for helping to bring a bit of spice into your life:

  • Cinnamon and Ginger are warming herbs
  • Cardamom is deliciously aromatic
  • Liquorice is sweet and soothing
  • Black Tea is rejuvenating

Mix with milk and honey for a cup of pure joy


Ingredients: Fairtrade Cinnamon Bark (40%), Fairtrade Black Tea (20%), Fairtrade Ginger Root (20%), Cardamom Seed (10%), Liquorice Root. 100% organically grown.


Faritrade ingredients certified to international Fairtrade standards, total 80%



 20 enveloped bags.