Slippery Elm Bark

250mg ~ 30 Capsules


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Slippery Elm Bark 250mg

30 Capsules


I was so happy when I finially found a top quality supply of Slippery Elm capsules. I already swear by the 100% organic natural powder which is available in the dried herbs section on my website, which I drink and also add to my porriage each morning.

Slippery elm is the best natural rememdy that I have come across with respect to resistance to disease, as well as being preventative it is a great restorative. After being given my diagonisis of MS, (inflammation surrounding the nervous system) this has to one of my staple herbs that have helped me regain my full physical health.

Slippery elm is one of the best restorative treatments for inflamed or irritated mucous membranes throughout the body by drawing out toxins with real fervor and then coats the membranes with soothing mucilage to heal them and sheild them from infections.

Has as much nutrition as oatmeal and naturally includes cancer-fighting vitamins and silicon for tissue repair. Another reason why I take Slippery elm is because of its natural. special feature, its high protein content ideal for vetetarians and vegans, and even muscle builders.

I now take 1 capsule a day as well as including it in my porriage each morning, of which it seems to be doing the trick & keeping me working.©KellyG'z2012