with Lemon Balm and Avena Sativa - 250mg - 60 tablets


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Natures Aid Herbal Food Supplement

Passiflora 250mg

With Lemon Balm and Avena Sativa

60 Tablets

Seeing the success of my Passion flower herb used to help people with insomnia or to just have a really lovely nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, my clients were saying how much more convienient to have it in a tablet form. Well here it is.

I usually take just the one after I have had my dinner on an evening and it really does assist me in having a wonderful and healthy nights sleep and then you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the morning and the rest of the day.

I am also very impressed with this with assisting me through the changing of sleep patternes which is a common current symptom of ascention. I found that by taking the recommended dosage of 2 tablets (which I took with a snack half hour before going to bed) I managed to get a beautiful full nights sleep, when without them I stuggled to get a couple of hours sleep.

I love passion flower because of its natural use in the opening of the heart chakra, and being the flower of christ consciousness, Passion flower supports and assists one through preparations to become fully awakened into ones own truth allowing the full incarnation of ones soul here within the physical. One of my most prized remedies made more convienient without quality and effectiveness being compromised.©Kelly G'z2011